Volkswagen Replacement Keys

  • If your VW keys are lost or stolen, get in touch today, we'll come to you and get you on your way as quickly as possible. Whether you require standard or transponder keys for your VW, we can provide you with a replacement set.
  • We produce keys for these VW models

    • AMOROK
    • BETTLE
    • BORA
    • CADDY
    • LUPO
    • POLO
    • UP
    • EOS
    • FOX
    • PASSAT
    • TOURAN
    • GOLF
    • JETTA
    • COMBI
    • LT
    • SHARAN

    The Volkswagen Group is a large car manufacturer of based in Wolfsburg in Germany. The company was founded in 1937 to produce luxury cars, but has since has become more well known for its mass produced cars. VW have had three models in the top ten best selling cars in history, those being the BEETLE, the GOLF and PASSAT - all three of which are still manufactured to this day.

    LOCKFIX24 have the expertise to provide Volkswagen keys and VW car key programming for all the models listed. Our fully stocked mobile rescue vehicles enable us to provide a fast and extremely efficient service for replacing or providing a spare set of VW car keys. Our service is done while you wait, at your home or place of work, at an extremely reasonable price.

    Are all Volkswagen keys the same?

    The simple answer is no. All Volkswagen cars from 1995 onwards have an immobilizer system fitted that stops the car from being started without the correct key. The transponder chip in the head of the key deactivates the immobiliser. Early VW models have a separate immobiliser box fitted, but later models (starting from 1999) have the system built into the dashboard.

    All VW models can have their locks read with a special key reader, enabling a new key to be cut to the code without the need to remove the lock. The correct transponder for the car is then placed into the key and the unique code is programmed to match the car.

    For VW models from 1995 to 2006 this process is relatively straight forward. For models after 2006, a more secure system whereby the transponder is pre-coded is used, this heightens security as each transponder chip is unique to the vehicle. However, this also makes the process of replacing keys is much harder for auto locksmiths as the VW’s coded information isn’t readily available. Instead, this coded information is logged on a file that corresponds to the cars chassis number.

    Ordinarily you would have to contact the VW manufacturer and have a new coded transponder chip created and embedded into a new key, this would then have to be delivered to your local dealership. This is a long winded process and can take up to 7 days, not to mention the costs can be astronomical.

    We make replacing your VW keys easy…

    LOCKFiX24 have invested in state of the art software and diagnostic equipment that allows us to retrieve the unique 4 digit security code from your VW with ease. We’ll then be able to cut and program a replacement key for you, at the road side; in no time at all.