Saab Replacement Keys

  • If your SAAB keys are lost or stolen, get in touch today, we'll come to you and get you on your way as quickly as possible. Whether you require standard or transponder keys for your SAAB, we can provide you with a replacement set.
  • We produce keys for these Saab models

    • 9-3X
    • 9-5
    • 9-3
    • 9-X
    • 9-4X
    • 900
    • 600
    • 9-7X

    Any modern Saab is built with a unique transponder system developed by ‘Saab TransponderTech’ which was part of the initial development for the use of transponder systems. Although transponder chips are unique to every make of car, they are mostly based around a system and then modified. Saab however, developed their own bespoke system which adds another level of security compared to traditional transponder systems.

    This bespoke system means that if your keys are lost, stolen or damaged, having a replacement made can be tricky. At LOCKFiX24 we use the latest, licensed diagnostic equipment, to reprogram your onboard computer to detect and accept a new key. We are then able to cut and reprogram the new key as you wait.

    All of the above can be dealt with by our trained locksmiths at the roadside. Our fully equipped mobile rescue vehicles hold all of the tools to get you back on the road in no time at all, wherever you may be.