Audi Replacement Keys

  • If your AUDI keys are lost or stolen, get in touch today, we'll come to you and get you on your way as quickly as possible. Whether you require standard or transponder keys for your AUDI, we can provide you with a replacement set.
  • We produce keys for these Audi models

    • A2
    • A3
    • A4
    • A5
    • A6
    • A8
    • TT
    • Q5
    • Q7
    • R8
    • RS4
    • RS6
    • S3
    • S4
    • S5
    • S6
    • S8
    • AllROAD

    Over the last 10 years, Audi have successfully conquered the UK market by becoming a leading car sales manufacture.

    With more and more of Audi’s vehicles on the road, there is more demand for replacement Audi car keys key fob replacement. Based in Exeter, Devon, LOCKFiX24 are here to help.

    Here at LOCKFiX24 we are specialist automotive locksmiths and deal with a wide range of car manufactures. We can supply replacement Audi car keys and key fobs for most models, supplying you with an unrivalled Exeter-based locksmith service.

    As we are a mobile locksmith service, you avoid all of the cost involved when going to a main dealership. We are able to replace car keys and reprogram key fobs at the roadside. When it comes to replacement locks and keys, you can trust LOCKFiX24 for a reliable and speedy locksmith service in Devon.

    All Audi's from M plate upwards are fitted with factory immobilisers that stops the car from operating without the correctly matched key. To deactivate the immobiliser a small transponder chip is embedded within your car key. Whereas earlier models use a separate immobiliser systems connected to the cars ECU system. Depending on your year and model, we can supply replacement car keys at a fraction of the price of a main Audi dealership.