Replacement Car Keys

Most modern car keys contain a transponder chip that is programmed to communicate with the related vehicles immobiliser and onboard computer. Problems can arise when using a traditional locksmith, as often the required knowledge and specialist equipment just isn’t available. Luckily at LOCKFiX24 we offer the number one professional car and auto locksmith service in Exeter and east Devon. All of our locksmiths are fully trained and are able to cut and program replacement car keys at the roadside; meaning you can get on your way with minimum interference.

If you'd just like a spare set of car keys or a non-urgent replacement, simply contact us here and speak to one of our friendly Locksmith and arrange an appointment. There's no need to pay an arm and a leg for replacement keys, and when going directly to a dealer higher costs are to be expected. At LOCKFiX24 we offer an affordable mobile service saving you time and money.

We can supply replacement car keys and remotes whether you’re at home or work, or if you prefer, you can visit us on site. We can supply replacement or spare keys for a wide variety of vehicles including Ford replacement keys, Renault replacement keys, Vauxhall replacement keys, Audi replacement keys, Peugeot replacement keys and Volkswagen replacement keys.

You can also request a quote today by clicking here.