28 Aug


Recently there has been a lot of publicly stating that technology in cars has made them easier to steal, what with microchip keys and keyless entry, combined with push button starts.

Quite the claim, especially when you consider the increased replacement car key and ignition costs that car owners have to endure when their vehicle has one of these systems. While these systems do offer added convenience, they also do include additional security. The truth of the matter is that these car key systems DO NOT make your vehicle easier for thieves to steal. With this technology both limiting the ways that a thief can start the car, and making it more difficult to start the car using the remaining ways.

Car Key Programming Explained

Car Key Programming is vital to microchip and push-to-start car key systems. Not only do microchip car keys have to be cut to fit the vehicle's ignition, but the car key transponder must also be programmed to the vehicle's computer in order for the vehicle to be started.

By having to complete this car key programming step, microchip car keys have added security because any thief who tries to use an exact copy of your key will not be able to steal it without first programming the vehicle to the car (which requires expensive programming tools and a time frame of up to a half hour). Completing a theft like this is unlikely because of the intricacy and length that are required to get the key to function properly.

Microchip keys were initially phased into some models in the late 1990's, and become more common among models as you get closer to the current date. The predecessor to the microchip car key was very similar to house keys in the way they worked. As long as the key fit to the ignition then the vehicle could be started. This opened opportunities for thieves to make a copy of your existing key, use jiggler keys or even hot-wire your vehicle. Simply by eliminating all of these methods of thefts, microchip car keys are much more secure than your standard type of car key.

How to Prevent Car Theft…

If you have a microchip or push-to-start system, the main way to protect your vehicle from being stolen is to remain vigilant over your functioning car key. The easiest way for a thief to steal your microchip or push-to-start vehicle is to steal your existing key. This existing key is already programmed which bypasses any added security that microchip keys can offer you. In the case that your key has been stolen or misplaced the most prudent move is to have a dealership or locksmith delete your existing key from the car's computer and provide you with a replacement.

While there are still ways for a thief to steal your car when it has a push-to-start or microchip system, the claim that they "make vehicles easier to steal" is simply not true, especially when considering their predecessor.

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