17 Feb


On an emergency call out last night in Exeter I was called by a lady who was locked out of her house... when I arrived she was standing on the drive of her rather smart looking house next to her shiny new car... ''Thanks for coming, I've got a bit of an emergency, I cant seem to open my front door"

On closer inspection I noticed that the door was jammed and was being held shut by something that had fallen down inside. This I explained to the lady , to which she answered " I've been meaning to tidy up for a while".

So as I attempted push the door to try and move the obstruction, I heard people talking from within the house, " Is there someone in your house? " I asked... " yes" she replied "my family" .."WTF !!! why aren't they opening the door for you"....I soon found out why ..

When I eventually got the door open I was confronted by the biggest piles of crap from floor to ceiling I have ever encountered, with the narrowest of corridors to try and navigate from one part of the house to another, this was a hoarders house on steroids .. the stinking rubbish had collapsed trapping the lady outside and her family deep inside the house... you would have never known this from the exterior and the ladies appearance as she was clean and well turned out .. as were the whole family when I eventually rescued them from the belly of the beast.

They all thanked me, but not one of them seemed bothered about the "Skip' of a house they were living ...no surviving in...as if it were normal ....to them maybe ..but to me something had gone terribly wrong there. I've seen many hoarders houses, but these people seem to be oblivious, somehow functioning in all the disgusting chaos.

Takes all sorts I suppose.