Master Key Lock System

Master key lock systems are where an individual key is issued that has the ability to open as many different locks as required. Incorporating individual pass keys, sub master keys for distinct groups of locks and grand master keys for ultimate access.

Master key systems can be installed on a wide variety of buildings including domestic houses, flats, communal and tenanted buildings, schools, colleges, universities, councils, retail premises, and small businesses.

LOCKFiX24 can design master key systems to operate many lock types including cylinder locks, mortised locks, pad locks, cam/cabinet locks, as well as any combination of the above. From a single security lock on a front door to a complete refit for multiple sites, here at LOCKFiX24 we have the in house knowledge for any size project. Whether you need a system built from scratch or need us to adapt to your current system: we’ll have the solution! Our systems are always designed with the future in mind, meaning if you ever require additional security installation will be a breeze.

We can tailor master keys based on your requirements, for example; you may wish for everyone to have access to the main entrance, however restrict access to the reception area. We can create keys and tailor them based on employees’ job level, department etc. whatever suits your needs.

Want keys cut for a master key suite?
We look at the markings on the key or lock to determine the original supplier/manufacturer (if it's not LOCKFiX24), to see whether they’re still in production. You could either go directly to the original manufacturer, or supply us with a letter of authority from an authorised signatory so we can order replacements.

Master Key Terminology - what it means:

  • Keyed to differ: Individually keyed locks that can only be opened by its own key
  • Keyed Alike: A number of locks can be operated by the same key, i.e. one key to open your front and back door, businesses may want just one key to open security shutters, gates as well as front and back doors.
  • Master Keyed: Each lock has its own individual key which will not operate in any other lock, however all locks can be operated by a single key, usually held by the owner, or a key holder/security guard – this is the Master Key. Master key suites can be extremely beneficial to landlords who own several multiple occupancy properties, allowing them to access all rooms and all properties with a single key

At LOCKFiX24 we can design and install master key suites to your exact requirements, these can be supplied on an open profile key, allowing anybody to obtain duplicate keys, or on a restricted profile, allowing only authorised persons to obtain duplicates.

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