Car Lock Repair

At LOCKFiX24 we provide a fast repair service for any damaged or defective lock.

Vehicle locks, wherever possible will be repaired or replaced on site. Our prices for our vehicle lock repair service are significantly lower than most repair garages. We can remove the existing lock and re-order pins or wafers if you have different keys for the door locks. This will ensure it matches with the other locks on the vehicle.

We offer assistance for all vehicle lock issues, including those stemming from remote locking devices. We can extract broken car keys that are stuck in the lock or ignition, and provide a replacement right there and then.

Ignition Replacement

At LOCKFiX24 we provide a mobile ignition replacement service. If the key will not turn in the ignition, we can remove the ignition barrel and dismantle it to find and resolve the problem. Should the unfortunate event occur where the ignition unit is not able to be repaired, we can supply and fit a replacement.

Common Car Lock Problems

High temperatures and the use of air conditioning during the summer months can result in ignitions jamming. Luckily our team of highly skilled professionals can repair jammed ignitions on site. Along with other common issues that may arise, such as ignitions refusing to turn (common in Peugeots) or keys being snapped in the ignition (common in Ford models).

Regardless of the severity of the problem, chances are that our knowledgeable and well-equipped team can get you back on the road in no time at all – eliminating the need for a recovery garage. Whether your ignition barrel needs replacing or your locks need to be changed or repaired, LOCKFiX24’s specialist team will get the problem sorted; all at the side of your vehicle.

Call LOCKFiX24 and have our experts assist you immediately - 07789 867 007.