Access Control

At LOCKFiX24 we can help you with a range of products to help you monitor and protect your business. Restricting access to your premises without the need for issuing keys. We offer a number of solutions, from a simple push button code lock, an electronic card swiping system through to a full Bio-metric fingerprint system.

Digital Access Control Systems
We believe that digital locks are the future for most entry systems and you’ll be glad to hear they can be fitted to the majority of timber, UPVC and Composite doors just like a conventional night latch. This allows you to unlock your front door by entering a simple code, and should you need to grant access to a friend or family member, you can simply create a temporary access code. When it comes to securing your business, our range of electrical locks grant access with a touch of a button whilst being some of the most secure around, allowing you to have peace of mind whilst you’re away from the office.

Key Pads (Low-Security)
Keypads are available in surface and flush mounted options. Units offer a simple security fix, allowing 4 to 8 digit codes to be programmed for release locking or a signal requirement to open doors and gates etc. These codes can be easily changed from the programming unit allowing it to be policed as required.

Proximity Readers (Medium Security)
Proximity readers offer a medium security level option requiring a personal tag (fob) or card to be carried by the user to gain entry to the premises. If a tag or card is lost it can be removed from the system memory with ease, allowing a replacement to be added if required.

Proximity / Pin (High Security)

Proximity and Pin readers offer high security, as access is only granted if the user has both forms of entry. In a typical operation this would consist of having a valid fob or card to be presented in order for a visual indication that a pin code is required, once the pin have been entered and is validated, access is granted.

Biometrics Finger Scanner (Very High Security)
Biometric scanners offer a very high level of security, units can be both surface and flush mounted and interfaced to operate for any security requirement. The unit requires the users fingerprint to be registered on the system database to enable them to gain access when swiping their finger. Once validated, access is granted, with this option the information cannot be shared making this technology foolproof.

Swipe-Card Readers Magstripe
Swipe card readers on the whole are a much more flexible option; along with granting access to restricted areas of a premises, they have other uses such as cashless vending. Cards can also be tailored to provide different levels of security depending on the level of access a user should be granted. This form of security proves popular for large organisations with overseas and temporary employees.

All of the above systems can be matched to any type of electronic lock

Electronic Locking
A wide range of cost effective locking systems are available to suit any personal or business requirement. These range from Magnetic locks; Solenoid; Hook bolts; Magnetic shear locks or Strike locks, all fitted with the associated fixing brackets for both internal and external installation, meaning there’s a security solution for everyone.

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